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July 17, 2008

I was shopping the net when I ran across these Dragon shirts. I worked on a few Dragon projects through Joshua Smith in the past. I just never ran across anything. Even the catalog I got a PDF of had my work practically on every page and I still never saw the stuff arrive in any retail store. So – I found these and there is still a lot more out and on its way so keep your eyes pealed.

I lied.. I was going to have the news section on my site replace my blog.. I think I am going to keep both.. This one is more for fun. Anyways- I just started some new projects with some very cool companies and people. I have had the chance to team up with Danny Jones at YASLY.com to bust out on some of these projects. Thanks to his help I think we gave the client exactly what they where looking for.

This is the last post on my wordpress. Check out my new home. TWHITEDESIGN

Back to School

June 18, 2008

Its that time again and some of the new fall stuff is already being posted. I have been working a ton with Element. They just posted some new gear on the web some of which I got to be apart of. I also did a huge part of Dragon next 2 seasons but- they have yet to post anything.. I am so stoked to see how it came out.
My new site is about to roll out- along with a new blog.. I will keep ya posted.


June 15, 2008

I guess these finally made it to the stores!! I helped my friend Joshua Smith (Hydro74) out on some Power Tour guitar stickers and guitar straps.. I am not sure how many they ran with but it was a really fun project.. All different styles of music – All different sets.. My first toy.. Actually thats not true I worked on the typography for the new Creepy Crawlers toy that hasn’t come out yet. The type came out pretty cool can’t wait to show it.

I don’t do full on vector illustrations that often anymore. I have kinda gotten more into collage and typography. I can still bust out if I have to for a project – but lately I have been into attacking visual problems with different solutions. The market has been changing faster and faster so I am trying to explore as many ways as possible to flush out an idea- so if that means going in and vectoring out a skull I will do it but- if that means I can take a drawing of a skull throw on some illustrated sunglasses add a hat from a photo I took in the office add some bright colors and a half toned cheetah head for an eyeball I am all over it. The chance to try something new.

Man Was That Quik

June 4, 2008

It seems as just a few weeks ago I was helping a friend out with this Quiksilver project.. I am sure it was longer than that though. Its pretty cool how quickly lines are turning and the market is changing. The first time I did stuff with Quiksilver it took months and now it is finally in the stores. They seem to pick up more and more every time. Although I sent them a ton of stuff this last go around and I haven’t heard back on it yet. Keep your fingers crossed and keep your eyes peeled because some of the most recent stuff I have done for them I feel is my best. You can check the shirt out at


May 23, 2008

I was just browsing the net when I ran into Proper English at the Buckle. I helped David on a bunch of his designs. His printing is incredible and design wise its unlike anything I normally do. I work mostly with found art and photos – pushing a collage style that I have now used in developing stuff for ASI. The execution of the work is what is most amazing with the attention to detail – color – layering – and shirt construction.

Some Burton

May 16, 2008

Kinda cool to find a few of the pieces I did on Burtons site for Spring. It feels like years ago since I did those.. I guess it was about a year ago..