Rough Week

March 30, 2007

Last week I headed to NewYork for a little biz and a little nightlife. It made for a horrible week this week. I have nothing new- Just been trying to get myself back in gear. I did pick my posters up from the printer. So check em’ out to buy on my site. Also put together some skateboards and some brand development for a mountain bike company. Other than that – I have been getting my head straight to work this weekend.



March 27, 2007

picture-4.jpgJust got back from NYC and my love of bookstores. I had the chance to check out a bookstore Hydro spoke highly about. If you ever have the chance to pop your head in- plan on spending some money. They have everything. ZAKKA


March 23, 2007

New Set. Grifter 29 is a set of 25 royalty free letterform illustrations. This vector set features very detailed text textures of all forms. Themed from old writing, papers, envelopes and newspapers in a punk rock vibe. I put this set together with all my leter scans that I have used latley for work I have done for clients. They work out geat to build out words to add to anything you are working on. GRIFTER 29

Hennessey + Ingalls

March 22, 2007

santamonica.jpgA few months ago I was flown out to Santa Monica to start on a design project.. I had the opportnity to meet Steve Carranza and Jim Ganzer. It was an incredible trip. One of the many highlights of the trip was running over to Hennessey + Ingalls bookstore in Santa Monica with Steve. This is any designers heaven. I picked up more than $200 in books that day. I cant imagine how much Steve has dropped in that store. If you are ever in Santa Monica – you gotta check it out. If you live in Santa Monica – I wish I where you. Hennessey + Ingalls


March 22, 2007

unknown-2.jpgI was putting this together for a friend yesterday. Thought it came out really cool wouldn’t mind using it for myself. I have been in my wing and cross design phase. I have done large sets wings for a couple different projects lately.


March 20, 2007

picture-2.jpgHere is a closer look at what I put together for GFH. I am really trying to work detail into my illustrations. I would expect that these should be coming out fairly soon..

Team Hydro

March 20, 2007

These are just a few of a collection of stuff that I was able to be apart of the past few months.


March 17, 2007

The work of Rekal! I had the opportunity to work with this guy on a few projects. Amazing! He has picked up a mouse and keyboard so watch out. He is going to go places. Sick typography.. All around good guy. REKAL


March 16, 2007

I put this together today was thinking of getting some screen printed. I will keep you posted if and when they are available.

Wolf Parade

March 16, 2007

223212872_l.jpgMontreal has the most rocking music scene these days. Arcade Fire, The Stills, and Sunset Rubdown. If you havent had the chance to check them out you should. This is one of my favorite albums – and it never leaves my play list. WOLF PARADE