Create Destroy

April 29, 2007

tattoo.jpgI just got my forearms worked on yesterday down in Miami. So Happy I was able to have the artist Tim Hendricks lay down his bad ass skills. Having him work out of Miami Ink was a bit pricey – but well worth it. If you are ever looking for any great work – especially script you have to track him down on his travels. He is like a ninja with the needle.
So check out his work..
Tim Hendricks



April 28, 2007

I was playing around with illustrator for a project I have to work on for monday. I thought this came out pretty cool. I was able to create a more realistic look of cracking ect. into my illustrations.


April 27, 2007

I just put together a new set for YWFT It should be up soon. I just went a little wild with some ink. I am sure this set will work well as backgrounds or added distress to any graphic you might be working on.
Here is a sample


April 26, 2007

I just helped these guys out with a brand. I am very excited to see what these guys put together. Sounds as if they have been doing some really cool innovative things. I am not sure when they are going to be completely up and running with their new site – but check it out.. NEMA

EXO Series

April 24, 2007

The boards are now available. It started as a joke. I made these iced out guns and then added an E and O to the end- they loved em’ so it became a series. I worked on this project with Hydro.. Kinda fun to see how I could add as many diamonds as possible to a watch.. Haha.

Mister Cartoon

April 24, 2007

Love the old school type. The old DogTown, Powell Peralta – the good stuff.. I have been playing around developing a set of charachters that I may try and make into a font. Here is a sampletwhite.pdf

Still Workin

April 24, 2007

Havent been posting much latley been kinda slammed with projects I cant show. Here are some bits I have created recently that I just put together. Hoping to devote some time to put together some projects for myself.

Old School Collegiate

April 19, 2007

Here some stuff from awhile back. I just recently put it together to show someone my versatility. I have had a lot of experience working with department store private labels ect. I love trying to make things look vintage- yup! like abercrombie.. My heart and soul is in action sports – but- I love chemical washes, potassium sprays, grinding, distresses and mending. Trying to make thing look authenticly worn- really take a peep at abercrombie – some of the processes they have discovered are amazing.

Spade Vector

April 17, 2007

I was working on these for a project. Might come in handy for something in the future.
Enjoy. spade.pdf

Twhite/57Even Poster

April 17, 2007

57eventwhiteposter.jpgJust finished up a side project with 57 Even. He and I worked on a limited edition poster together. Having completely different styles and approaches to design made this print so much fun to put together. Its in the production process now – so I will keep you posted as soon as they are done.