Another Skull

April 10, 2007

I did a whole series of tattoo inspired shirts for a company last year. Here is just a peak of one that I put together. I don’t think these will be sold in the US. The project was allot of fun to work on. I was able to hone my skills learning how to etch things out for the first time. Spent hours on the snake. Anyway- I got paid to learn.


3 Responses to “Another Skull”

  1. Track 6 said

    How do you and Josh create such fine lines in illustrator!? Blends? Scroll pen? Hours of tedious labor? I’ve been dying to know.

    Any chance you’d consider posting a brief tutorial? I’m sure everyone would appreciate the insight!

  2. Its a secret never teach the Wu-tang!! Just playing. Its really like it looks- basically drawing and repeating triangles.

  3. Track 6 said

    I guess I should have assumed that. It just looks like hours of detail go into every piece and you two crank out more in a day or two respectively than I could get out out in a month!

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