Spade Vector

April 17, 2007

I was working on these for a project. Might come in handy for something in the future.
Enjoy. spade.pdf


12 Responses to “Spade Vector”

  1. Nice line work, makes me want to grab a pack of calligraphic nibs and some India ink.. 🙂

  2. Simo said

    Awesome as always, thanks!

  3. mrchek said

    nice !!!

  4. phillipt said

    Nice, Nice & Nice!

    Peace. PT

  5. hydro74 said

    those are cool.
    speaking of those, you should sit down and fully illustrate a high end spade for your work. throw a little TW in there. Icon it out

  6. tkoudsi said

    i love these, do you mind or what logistics do you require if I wanted to tweak and use them in a logo?


  7. ahmats said

    cool!…. i really love it!!!

  8. Jessy Ayala said

    Loved them, can i use them for a logo?

  9. exitos troy,buen trabajo…

  10. Ace said

    Awesome work! Would you mind if I used the top right one for part of a small business logo?

  11. […] easily draw a spade of your own for this step I prefer not to re-invent the wheel. I found this awesome vector spade from Twhite Design and modified it just a bit by deleting the decorative elements. To do this, […]

  12. jes said

    These are great, Thank You!

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