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I went to the gym with friends and I stumbled across Agnes B. Our car was towed so I popped my head in the store. Agnes B has a collection of clothing with screen printed images of Shepard Fairey’s work on pants shirts and ties. The shirts started around 45 Euros. Agnes B is a very high end fasion designer from France. Really cool stuff – awesome opportunity to see this work. Galeriedujour



June 22, 2007

I stoped into a gallery show featuring the work of Artisticker. Great work very inspirational his collage of images with illustrations that seem to flow so well together. If you have the chance you gotta check out the work..
Artisticke® est née de l’implication partagée par l’Agence Spirale, spécialisée dans la réalisation et l’intégration d’éléments décoratifs, pour des architectes d’intérieur, scénographes, designer et info-graphistes, sur des projets artistiques et professionnels. Artisticke® s’est orientée naturellement vers l’édition de visuels, avec la volonté omniprésente d’une production qualitative, ludique et créative.S’associant à des artistes, graphistes, peintres et photographes notamment Isabelle Vallus, graphiste, Artisticke® propose aujourd’hui au public une collection privée, offrant l’opportunité d’une personnalisation des standards présents dans nos espaces de vie. Dans cette logique créative, Artisticke® élabore sous forme d’éléments adhésifs, papier peint ou toile imprimée ainsi que stickers sous transfert, des visuels originaux sélectionnés pour leur esthétisme émotionnel.

The Lazy Dog

June 21, 2007

Somehow at the airport I managed to leave 6 hats when I checked in at Air France.. I was moving things around because one of my bags was too heavy for carry on. Anyway- 6 nice New Erra hats (I am a hat junky) lost. SO I went on a mission to buy some new ones today. On my mission I checked out Lazy Dog a bookstore recomeneded to me by Scien part of the 123klan. Great shop picked up 140 euro worth of stuff (hydro- I got a little gift for you). Then I found the perfect hat – Carhart New Era 59fifty. I didnt bring the connection for my camerra – so pictures will be uploaded when I return.

I am off

June 19, 2007

My first real vacation since I graduated from college. Somehow even know I have always had 3 or 4 weeks vacation I was never able to take the days off- and never all at once. I will try and keep my blog updated while I travel. I will be back on July 4th to start rocking the mouse again.

Wrapping Things Up

June 18, 2007

The pressure is on- the stress of getting ready for a two week trip and completing any outstanding work. I take off on my vacation tomorrow so I am wrapping up any loose ends and trying to get as much together for I client today. Here are some little screen shots of what I have been putting together..

The Hydro Shirts

June 15, 2007

These are the shirts that Josh had done by Iron Forge they came out pretty hot. He doesnt have a lot of these bad boys so buy em’ up. He has even less XL because I snagged one of each for myself.
Check Them Out

A Day Out of The Office

June 15, 2007

shirtsshoping1.jpgJosh came down from Orlando to meet up with me and pick up his shirts from Chuck over at Iron Forge Press. We then went out on a day of shopping. Its nice to get out of the office and actually see the market place. We stopped in at a few surf shops and went over to the Vans store. Took a few photos of nice typography and anything else that might inspire to push my design forward.

Paris – Madrid

June 12, 2007

I am heading out next week. Any design heads that can tell me of any bookstores or boutiques that I gotta see. Let me know. Not looking for general tourist info like check out the Louvre ect. Any place like Zakka, or The Reed Space in NYC
Any info would be greatly appreciatd.
Paris Vector

I have been adding this to some recent works. Grabing high res images and making them into vector for an old school look. I am about to go on a 2 week trip to Europe so I plan on getting some good imagery to play with when I return. Here is a sample vector flower


June 7, 2007

Over that last year I have been able to spend more and more time doing typography. Anytime a project comes my way I look forward to the opportunity to explore some new way of designing type. Here is a sample of some type I have done recently for various projects. I will say- some long words and charchters are a stuggle to work with and I cringe when they come my way. Grin