More illustrations

June 1, 2007

I had done a few shirts for Split. They are some of my best pieces yet. I made them over detailed using no sourced art. I hope this is the start of some future work with them although honestly the pieces take up much more time than just using clipart scans and found images that have been thresheld out in illustrator. I cant really show this work so here is a little bit of one of the pieces.

10 Responses to “More illustrations”

  1. Kyle said

    Looks rad so far!

  2. Chris said

    great man. push it. I’m trying to do the same thing, ditch all clip art/source art. excellent job though.

  3. I am not ditching source art all together – I dig it too.. I want to be as versatile as I can be. I want to be able to probleme solve whatever project comes my way and not limit myslef to a set style within which I work.

  4. MQ said

    it looks really rad man. good work! hope it all goes well with Split!

  5. HNTR™ said

    Looking good! Hope to see the final version any time soon!

  6. mr.Chek said

    Looks VERY nice !!! GOOD GOOD GOOD

  7. jimiyo said

    word to your mother man! sounds like a good plan. i have to say im an art snob. a lot of non artist people cant tell the difference from original art and clip art. being an artist i can. economically doing original stuff is much more time consuming and less profitable, but i think it shows in the end. but all your sthuff is tight, and you going with less sourcing will probably be taking your shiznit to the next level yo. im no authority though. i wanna be where you are. split and quiksilver billabong trendy urban clothing peeps, ive been eyeing to do their stuff for a while. kudos man. i admire ur stuff. read your blog often.

  8. vanana said


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