Ornate Scripts

July 28, 2007

I was playing with this script.. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Its been a struggle to find decent base scripts to start a project with. I find most scripts seem to have to many points making it next to impossible to manipulate. You can’t tell this until you actually purchase the font.


Another Skull

July 27, 2007

This was something I put together for a start up skate company. Pretty excited how things are coming together on this project. Not sure why- but I love skulls.

80s Back!!

July 25, 2007

Pretty stoked have gotten a few projects recently for 80’s style graphics. Just browsing the net for some inspiration. Some really great stuff out. I guess I was a little to young when they came around the first time- excited to get to work more with pastels and random bright geometrics.

Board Pitch

July 25, 2007

I put together a bunch of quick board mocks together for a pitch that fell through the cracks. I was pretty stoked to work on this project and then the whole thing just seemed to fade. Not sure what happened. These are a few of the many mocks based loosly on their style guide that I put together. The idea was to quickly put together ideas using recent project ect- then if that was chosen we would create a board with that style and feel.

Illustration A bit

July 25, 2007

I havent had an opportunity to spend a lot of time illustrating anything latley. My goal is to set aside some personal time to work on some. Here is one that I had worked on this morning for a project.

Type Treatments

July 19, 2007

Here are some random type treatments I have done in the last week. I have been trying to explore new techniques from hand drawing to painting in photoshop. I try to keep versatility as a designer so that I am capable of handling any project that comes my way.


July 15, 2007

Another shirt just popped out on Rip Curl site. I did a few for them for that season, I guess they only post a small portion of their product line on the net. This was one of them.

Travel Vector

July 13, 2007

I have been booking a trip to Magic, Pool, Project then a road trip with my buddy Josh to check out trends and meet with some companies in th LA area. Here is a few stamps that might come in handy.
Free Vector Travel


July 11, 2007

Feel like a nerd. I have been stoked this week because my stuff is finally hitting stores. I was just flipping through the recent issue of SURFER and – whamm! a page featuring one of my designs. I was at the register of a local surf shop BC SURF and was trying to point out a Quiksilver hat that I had to have to one of the staff in the latest issue of Transworld SURF and I thumbed through a page that had a few skateboards that I did months back. Then today I was looking through any new back to school designs at PacSun and I ran across a FSAS shirt I did..


July 7, 2007

Just wanted to point out something I have been noticing. I met Jim Ganzer in hopes to get going on the Jimmy’z International project with Steve Carranza. Since we spoke months ago I have noticed the huge impact the work of Ganzer has had on current fashion trends. He is – and was a bad ass with design. His unique style broke out in the 80’s surf scene and Jimmy’z became one of the top brands over night.
His crazy random imagery with all over patterns and use of bright colors stood out in the industry. There was no line or rules- sounded as anything went.
Jimmy’z sponsored legends like Christian Hasoui, Laird Hamilton, and Natas Kaupas.
Look at anything on Karmaloop or even better check out Fresh Jive the even have a pattern used on t-shirts and hats called Ganzer. The best refrence of a line influenced by Ganzer would be Gonz. The name sounds like Jim’s the color pallete and even the refrences to Malibu- where Jimmy’z waz founded.
I cant wait to work on this line it should be awesome.
Oh- and don’t look at the Jimmy’z in the US- the name has been sold to Aéropostale who killed the brand in my opinion.