July 7, 2007

Just wanted to point out something I have been noticing. I met Jim Ganzer in hopes to get going on the Jimmy’z International project with Steve Carranza. Since we spoke months ago I have noticed the huge impact the work of Ganzer has had on current fashion trends. He is – and was a bad ass with design. His unique style broke out in the 80’s surf scene and Jimmy’z became one of the top brands over night.
His crazy random imagery with all over patterns and use of bright colors stood out in the industry. There was no line or rules- sounded as anything went.
Jimmy’z sponsored legends like Christian Hasoui, Laird Hamilton, and Natas Kaupas.
Look at anything on Karmaloop or even better check out Fresh Jive the even have a pattern used on t-shirts and hats called Ganzer. The best refrence of a line influenced by Ganzer would be Gonz. The name sounds like Jim’s the color pallete and even the refrences to Malibu- where Jimmy’z waz founded.
I cant wait to work on this line it should be awesome.
Oh- and don’t look at the Jimmy’z in the US- the name has been sold to A√©ropostale who killed the brand in my opinion.


3 Responses to “GANZER”

  1. Jeffery Haas said

    I still own a very rare JimmyZ jacket. It no longer fits me, and it’s a shame to have it sitting in the closet.
    It’s basically a white canvas dinner jacket with Ganzer’s unique black surf graphics all over it, very 1980’s, very surf oriented and my memory tells me that only a few were made.

  2. Charlie Claus said

    Anyone know how to reach Ganzer? With the resurgence in anything retro, I’m interesting in speaking with him. I’m interested in repurchasing the rights and relaunching the original brand with the velcro waist.

    This would be a far stretch from the bastardization of the line that Aeropostale created.


  3. hey, i love YOUR work and..i worked with Jim right when JIMMYZ was booming. at the time i worked almost exclusively in scratchboard and he hired me (for lots of money) to do a bunch of stuff for him. it was very super FUN and exciting. he had different colored chickens he was breeding. the studio was hoppin’. i still have some really cool stuff from that job. we printed fabric…i did icons.
    i’d love to catch up with him. so happy to find your site and see that JIMMYZ is not lost……..
    please send smoke signal when you can. love to chat w you!

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