August 2, 2007

octo.pngI have wanted to illustrate out an octopus for some time now. Not really sure why- they are a pain in the ass though. This is doubling both as a challenge for me and a project for a client.. Think its not so bad for my first go at it.

6 Responses to “Octo”

  1. PT said

    Thats sick mate, i don’t want to be one to tell you how to do it cause your probably 10 thousand times better than me, but i reckon it’d look even better if the suction cups had a little more depth… if you know what i mean? keep up the awesome work though, inspiring to say the least.

    Peace. PT

  2. Dermot said

    Awesome work troy.

  3. hydro74 said

    looks good, keep plugging away

  4. “Think its not so bad for my first go at it.” NOT SO BAD?! Try, freakin’ rad!
    As if I should have any input, he could use one of those wierd little vents on his head like this guy has:

  5. shanesart said

    Lookin good so far. Has a very sinister look to it. – S

  6. Dave said

    Dude thats awesome, you’d have to pretty really happy with how its looking

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