FuseBox – MasterCraft

August 3, 2007

I just got off the phone with Josh from FuseBox creative. He said it was cool to show these now. I have been working more than a dozen of these for FuseBox. I have had to keep the project underwraps till’ today. Here are three- they all came out pretty cool.

6 Responses to “FuseBox – MasterCraft”

  1. Track 6 said

    Dude! That’s awesome. The first real job I had straight out of college was doing vehicle wraps for boats. What you’ve done here is essentially the exact concept that I worked on. There’s a huge market for boat graphics and it’s a totally untapped area.

    Thinking about it now – Hell I’d prefer to have some sick ass graphics like these all up and down the side of my boat, and I’d even be able to justify the cost.

    So bad ass! What’s the story on these? Is this a Mastercraft show boat, or “custom” graphics line, a third party graphic resource perhaps?…

  2. YES! Those are sooooo sick! I love! The octopus is even better in context!

  3. KLASSIC82 said

    whats good Troy. Those came out pretty sweet, I’ve been wanting to get some boat templates to play around w/. Love the octi, he turned out sweet…

  4. MQ said

    Yeah man, these are ill. Good work duder!

  5. 57 Even said

    daaaaaaang. fresh. on boats? wow!

  6. excelente trabajo,suerte con fuzebox y que sigan los proyectos men..saludos a hydro

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