August 7, 2007

I was working late on a project last night. I have a lot to get done this week so I was trying to get as much done to get ahead of the game this week. So in the wee hours of the night I decided to play around with a bunch of different elements from a bunch of different pieces. The Bali mask was part of the illustration for a client. The rest was what I came up with when I was sleep deprived.

11 Responses to “Bali”

  1. Falsify said

    This is sick man! Really loving this one…big props.

  2. Joe said

    I love everything, cept for the diamon on the little skull. This will look sick in color

  3. Of all the form of Balinese dance, the Barong and Rangda performance which involves trance possession were the most fascinating to early western residents and visitors. Followers of the Barong frequently practiced self-stabbing during a performance, to the great interest of scholars and curiosity seekers alike.

    More :

  4. Aaron said

    What! Your getting NICER with every design! OUTSTANDING!

  5. Matt Q said

    Holy crap Troy! I love this piece man, it’s really nice. Great work man! There is much to be said about sleep deprivation…in small amounts.

    Good luck this week man!

  6. shanesart said

    Nice work Troy! The mask is pretty sick!

  7. Freakin’ sick bro! I seriously love it!

  8. Rina said

    amazing. LOVE THE TEETH

  9. 57 Even said

    GREAT PIECE!! Makes an excellent new holder page.

  10. Dave said

    Looks sweet. you should sell it 😉

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