Vote for My Shirt

August 14, 2007

This is by far the coolest shirt yet. I have decided to call it Page 14. Thought of this while on the phone with a buddy of mine. I thought it was funny as hell. Making fun of the fact that everyone uses Dover and what better way then to do it pure.
SO please go to Threadless and Vote!!

11 Responses to “Vote for My Shirt”

  1. hydro74 said

    sad to say, it is really cool!

  2. It’s true. So sad, but so true.
    Our whole art department is cracking up right now…

  3. jeff said

    haha stupid question but whats dover?

  4. Mike said

    hmm okay i dont get it…dover..? can anyone elaborate?

  5. Chris said

    i’d so wear it… hahahahaha… man this is probably one of the first threadless shirts that I’d buy.

  6. that is absolutely great!

  7. Dover publications is THE company that owns just about every piece of old ornamental and heraldic clip-art on the planet. Many of us use them as a primary source for these type of images. You can usually find their books at your local library or here:

  8. Mike said

    thanks for the explanation betterthanhuman…

    didnt know about this…
    gotta get me the booksthen!! join all others in using them! heh

  9. klassic82 said

    HA, thats some good stuff man. Dover is the sh!t, I would have never thought of that, don’t you love trying to drive and sketch or write an idea down…….

  10. brandon said

    yeah…thats funny and all..but you use dover as well as hydro..sooo yeah

  11. Brandon I triedc to reply to your email- anyway
    You are right we both use it-
    I make fun of the fact that I use it – its like crutch -all of us use it- I think it is funny the fact that Dover owns the market of art done from all early eras. Truly I mean n o disrespect to Dover. I just think its funny. Doing a shirt of just Dover is funny..

    So I am not above using sourced art from the 1800 ect. I am just pointing out the fact of how guilty we all are.

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