Threadless Declines

August 22, 2007

They just dont see the humor..

Hello Troy White,

Regarding: ‘Page14’

Unfortunately your submission was declined.


The reason your design was declined is: Is this just a page out of a clip art book or are these original?


Here are some other reasons we sometimes decline a design:

– The number one decline reason is that your design did not pass the initial panel of Judges. Each submission must be approved by 3 Judges before being put in the running. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we cannot accept every submission into the running.

– Improperly sized thumbnails and designs
– The design has too many colors
– The design has a gradient or halftones
– Submission did not use the templates
– Inappropriate material within the design
– The design is too large to print
– The design contains copyrighted material

Thank you for submitting to Threadless,
The Jakes
Earth’s Best Tshirts

10 Responses to “Threadless Declines”

  1. Steven said

    Who would decline an awesome designer like you!!!

  2. Just email them back and tell them all the cool kids are doing it:

    it was a sick idea. you should print it anyway.


  3. Ross said

    I work over at threadless.

    I see some humor in it. But when you get printed at threadless your name gets put on the site and on the shirts as the designer. So is it a page out of a dover clip art book?

    Why not make a page of your own original stuff in a clip art style? You got the talent.

  4. Ross-
    The idea is the art not the art itself.
    No big deal. I just thought you should have let it compete..

  5. Ross said

    lets see how it does.

  6. Syn said

    Dude that was a fresh Idea ! They cant do that there wak ! hahaha ill sport that with some Forces and my stunnas that Will Be ill !!!!

  7. Erock said

    Embarassing! I could see the puzzled look on those judges faces. It would of been a contender!!

  8. Agreed! It should have been put in the running…
    They just don’t get it.

  9. Hell yeah!! Made me laugh. Keep up the kick ass work troy

  10. marshall said

    I saw there was a posting of Jim Ganzer’s picture. If anyone has an e-mail address or or regular address, I’d appreciate getting it. I knew Jimmy back when he started Jimmy’z. I was to his house in topanga canyon once but can’t remember the address. I’ve lost touch with him and would just like to say hi and hear how he’s doing.
    Appreciate any help. Thanks, Marshall

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