The Mess

August 24, 2007

Here is a pict of my kitchen.. The boxes are the cabinetes.. The floor is done the walls are up- now I just need a sink.. Eating out sucks.
I will post a pict when its done.


5 Responses to “The Mess”

  1. i feel your pain (as i sit here right next to 16 boxes of hardwood floors bought a year ago). its worth it in the end. but living in a house that you are working on is no fun. especially when you sand all of that sheetrock. if you are doing the work yourself my hats off to you…

  2. Chris said

    i’ve painted and worked on my new house more than i’ve ever wanted too. we redid all of flooring throughout the whole house, except the bathrooms. took a few pics a while ago…

  3. I am not doing the remodel myself.. Actually this whole thing was due to a pipe breaking in the wall. I was gone for a job and returned the cabinets where warped the floor flooded.. So insurance is picking the whole thing up.. I am better with a mouse than a hammer anyways.

  4. Chris said

    dude me too. everything in our house was super dated so we are updating most of it all.

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