September 12, 2007

These are being printed right now. I think the total printed will be 300. I will get 75 to sell myself. So check back with me if you want one. Chucks part came out pretty sick! the girl he did really makes it a bad ass piece.


  1. snickars said

    sick co’op! i like it a lot, colors, theme..the entire poster. What is the price tag gonna be, shipping to sweden included? by the way, what size is it?

  2. They are going to be 17 x 22-
    They are printed on 14pt. Kraft chipboard.
    Black/ Red/ White and Silver.
    I would imagine 35 would include shipping.

  3. Erock said

    Nice man..Was this a collaboration?..So I’m guessing you did the top portion of design? Looks good though! I dig rock art posters. There’s a place here in SF that has any and every rock art poster you can think of..it’s pretty inspiring to walk in there and see all that amazing screen print work.

  4. Ryan said

    Sick piece, definitely feelin the colabo on this, put me down for one.

  5. MQ said

    This is awesome Troy. Really amazing work! If I hadn’t just bought a Hydro book I’d be placing an order!

    Definitely a future sale though.

  6. You should see if Hydro will take returns.. Just kidding. Thanks Bro

  7. Nice. I really love this one. I wish I had some cash.

  8. MAN… Really great JOB… a gotta say!… i’m from Brazil and i founded the piece at google.. yeah i know… weird tough… but.. i love it… so damn much.. that i’m planning on making a tattoo of it!!


    See ya!!


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    TV ROCK (www.tvrock.com.br) – producer / host

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