September 13, 2007

27venus2600.jpgI have been working with Steve and Barrys line Eleven for Venus Williams for the past 6 months. I have have been keeping this under wraps. I guess now it is cool to show -so expect to see more as the line launches. Pretty stoked on it and everyone that helped me to get the design work done.
Oh and yeah- I even worked in a few skulls.. ha

3 Responses to “Eleven”

  1. snickars said

    a clothing line without a few skulls must be like a peanutbutterandjellysandwich without the peanut butter…or am i wrong?

  2. Matt Q said

    holy crap dude, this is awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Hi my name is jewel miles and i run track at catholic academy of west buffalo with my freind erin for about 2 years.I resently went to steven beerys to find equipment for are big track meet 5/19/08.when i seen your shoes i almost died.They looked so cool.But one question why did you pick the name eleven?

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