Surf Expo 07

September 17, 2007

Electro 80s brights and washed out pastels.. This was the common thread with a lot of companies new spring lines. Very inspiring- the combination prints of lightning bolts and indonesian prints where beautiful. Seeing this stuff made me wish I was an in house designer helping to choose trim, being apart of a team developing the color pallet and iconic imagery to tie through a line.
This is Josh Sirlin awesome guy and owner of FuseBox Creative. I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with him this year. One of those projects was doing the MasterCraft boat that was on display at the Orlando Rail Jam. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.
My bro Josh and I. Not sure why I have just 1-3rd of his face in the corner- Josh took the photos – I couldnt get my camera to work for most of the show.
I had a great time met with some cool people and met Lita- Joshs wife for the first time- she is super cool. Anyone that can put up with his shit deserves a metal of honor.. Haha

5 Responses to “Surf Expo 07”

  1. man this tradeshow circuit is some serious bird flippin action.

  2. MQ said

    I seriously diggin’ this 80’s brightness that’s coming into the scene again. You guys are having way too much fun with these tradeshows 😉

  3. snickars said

    will we see more pastels here from now on? btw, did you trim that beard!? :p

  4. No- not everything is forever.. I think the washed out natural colors are being replaced for the season. Yeah- The beard was trimmed.. It was kind of an anniversary gift.. its growing back though.

  5. hydro74 said

    ha, just read that bottom part… yeah, she’s great…

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