Rip Back Pack

September 21, 2007

I took a few photos when I was in the Rip Curl store in Santa Monica of some of my work. I forgot about this when I was looking through some recent picts. They took an image I did for a t-shirt and used it on a back pack.. Looked pretty cool. Too bad I didn’t get any samples of this stuff.

6 Responses to “Rip Back Pack”

  1. Wow, really cool bag! nice work troy.

  2. Troy, your designs are top notch! You should just ask them to send you a pack, I’m guessig it shouldn’t be too much trouble for a multi-billion dollar company like Rip Curl to try to keep good ties with their designers.

  3. hydro74 said

    needs more Porcelain

  4. Matt Q said

    right on Troy! Looks great. It would be kickass on a tee too man. you should do it anyway…just maybe leave the RipCurl out of it on a one-off print.


  5. Thanks Matt-
    They have a t-shirt of it too. Its on the RipCurl site.

  6. Erock said

    I love graphics on products!!! looks good man.

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