October 4, 2007

I woke up early this morning so I spent some time tooling around the internet. I some how got on this Chinese design site then into a blog- I couldn’t make out any of the text so I kept randomly clicking buttons (I am so good at that). I then stumbled across this pict of the authors new tattoo! This is hardcore.. and you thought you where dedicated.


6 Responses to “HARDCORE”

  1. snickars said

    hahaha, next thing for you to do after the create/destroy tat is to get the illustrator and photoshop about box on your chest!:) don’t say you haven’t considered doing it!haha

  2. I will be needing vector points and handles on any tattoos from now on..

  3. PT said

    Holy crap!! Haha!.. Poor guy, thats what you get for using Windows..


  4. Erock said

    Ha Ha! thats great. The more interesting things in the photos are the masks on the wall. Very cool.
    How about a gradient mesh for your next tattoo? wire frame and all.

  5. I laughed out loud at all of these comments. Steven’s idea is great and PT is totally right!

  6. tracksix said

    Is this equivalent to getting asian characters you can’t read tattooed on the small of your back? Maybe over there it just seems like a really cool abstract.

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