Hydro VS Ezekiel VS Twhite

October 7, 2007

It was funny this morning.. Was looking through the net for some future style guides I am putting together. I ran across one of the shirts I did as part of team Hydro for Ezekiel. They named it after him.. Where is my name.. hahaha.. Just kidding its all for the greater good. Hydro did some killer stuff for them I was just glad to lend a hand..

5 Responses to “Hydro VS Ezekiel VS Twhite”

  1. Don Diep said

    Troy, I saw that shirt online as well and noticed it was named after Hydro also. Both of the designs you guys turn out are always killer. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I saw that too. I knew the name couldn’t be a coincidence. Good work.
    Is it still amazing to see your work out there or does the euphoria wear off when someone becomes as acomplished as you?

  3. MQ said

    That’s awesome Troy. How often do you do work for team Hydro anyways? seems like a couple times a month you guys are pimpin’ a new piece.

    Keep it up duder.

  4. BetterThanHuman-I get really stoked everytime I run across something of mine or something I contributed to.
    MQ- I work with Josh all the time he is a good friend- so we talk a few times a week.. I am always down to help him out with any of his projects.

  5. Dermot said

    troy, your work is badass!! I love checkin your blog to see all your lastest stuff… Keep up the awesome work! go team hydro!!

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