October 11, 2007

I just got them and they are ready to buy- here. The Quenns of the Stone Age came out great and I only have 25. If you want a Sonata Arctica poster hit me up- I did the typography for the poster Chuck Loose did the illustration I only have a few so shoot me an email- $20. I am going to keep doing posters as a side thing- I am working on putting together one for Helmet and looking through any tour dates of bands that might be fun to work on for Iron Forge. I will keep you posted.
Oh and sorry for the bad photos.


5 Responses to “Posters”

  1. dude that type treatment on Sonata Arctica is beautiful. i love how you tied the “a”s together.

  2. snickars said

    looks nice dude! the QOTSA poster looks even better in the photo…you’re an inspiration!

  3. I’d seriously be willing to drop the cash for these if I had any. The new baby has been a little spendy.
    Any chance you’d trade for some dirty diapers? I’ve got plenty of those…

  4. ryanholt said

    Got the poster today man, Looks great.

  5. shanesart said

    Nice work Troy! – S

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