October 23, 2007

I spent the weekend in Orlando. Yep it was the AST DEW TOUR.. Although I didnt really see any of it. I was up in Orlando to spend time with some friends and family.
I went out to brunch with Josh (HYDRO74), Lita and Dan on Sunday. Josh brought me a gift of boards I did awhile ago for EXO. Then after a long drive home I had a package from Matt Turney waiting for me of stickers, stencils, shirts and other shwag he tossed in an envelope for helping him out on one of his projects.

4 Responses to “I LOVE GIFTS..”

  1. MQ said

    Troy, I freakin’ love those EXO boards. The proof you posted awhile back didn’t do the print justice.

    Great work man!

  2. brian said

    I would like to skate one of those decks. Gettin gangsta at Flushing Meadows.

  3. Troy, the designs are probably one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen by far on any skateboards. You should definitely hang them on your wall.

  4. shanesart said

    Decks look good. Seems like you’ve been busy! – S

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