Helmet Comps

November 6, 2007

I jumped at the opportunity to help concept some helmets with Hydro for a popular MX company. I just figured if you look at everything that is going on in the rest of the ASI you will find some really sick stuff. Look at snowboards- ROME, Burton ect. The price point is around the same as a snowboard – so why is the art so different? For the most part everything seems so symmetrical – and safe.


8 Responses to “Helmet Comps”

  1. 57 Even!! said

    Yo Troy its good to see new work from you! We all thought you had passed away for awhile there. I got a job in Cali, moving out to work for LRG. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Erock said

    As a motocross racer and ID designer for that industry I would say you have a good start. I like the yellow/black and the all black one….the others are a little blah. I would say what works best for this market is either something really busy with the rigth motocross culture elements or something edgy with fast lines and race looking graphics. With race graphics you can get some good results with just clean lines and the right color comps. Good start though. Definitely check out “FOX” and “THor”. Fox is a parent company of shift.

  3. Erock- actual industrial design of helmets is off the hook – I was just curious on why is seems as sneaker art is even pushing the envelope further than most helmet graphics. MIy comps are in no means – what I am talking about with pushing the envelope.. I was just making an observation on what seems to be most common in the industry.

  4. Erock said

    Kudos on that. Helmet graphics have huge potential. And with you and Josh teaming up on this project I’m sure you guys will definitely bring it. I guess my suggestions were more along Shifts brand identity, everyhting they have done with their gear and apparel has been very clean and with simple lines and shapes. lately though there 08 stuff is starting to breathe a little from that.
    I say push the envelope and go crazy with it, Give them something they have never done before. They need to catch up with trends a bit. Good luck. Also check out their Proflex Roost Deflector chest protector I did some preliminary work on that.

  5. Those are sick. I love the Charcoal/White version and the one on the top right. It would be awesome to see some of the leaders in the sport rocking some stuff like this.

  6. Def keep pushing that envelope. It will only be a matter of time in my opinion. Look at Mastercraft.
    I have to say i’m jealous. soooooooooo sooo jealous.

    keep it up bro!

  7. shanesart said

    I really dig the B/W bandana looking one in the middle. I think it stands out because it’s definitely not your average Motocross design. Nice work – S

  8. My brother rides motocross, I need to tell him to get that yellow helmet, its very different from the ones I see at the tracks.

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