More RipCurl

November 9, 2007

Just checked over at RipCurl to see the new Holiday stuff. I have a few things in the line- so stoked. I think RipCurl was one of the first companies I was working on through Josh. I hope to get some future work with them- I really have been digging the work they have been putting out. That and I think I have grown so much since I designed this stuff for them more than a year ago. Sorry about the bad photo


6 Responses to “More RipCurl”

  1. shanesart said

    Nice bro! And in the Holiday lineup as well, even better. Kinda crazy that they’re just now showing designs you did over a year ago. Keep up the good work! – S

  2. brian said

    lots of nice work, keep bangin them out!

  3. manifester said

    Im amazed by your Type Treatsments!

  4. downpour said


    as allways.. greets!

  5. Nice! Love the type on the first shirt.

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