Ryde Boards

November 15, 2007

I actually did these boards for a small company out of Arizona months and months ago. The project was 3 boards and a large number of t-shirts. I would imagine these should be out soon.


11 Responses to “Ryde Boards”

  1. Chris said

    LOVE the bandana one.

  2. DomeSYN said

    The Bandanna one looks like the same graphic you did for the Shift concepts.???
    Seriouse ?

  3. DomeSYN-I wasn’t being paid for comps or comp time so it would be ridiculous to draw up a custom paisley for work that might never be used. If they where to like the concept then I would have done a custom paisley pattern to actually make it work with the helmet. I also wouldnt have used a generic script typeface for the word Shift either.
    I tried to explain how these where really rough and just ideas when I posted this on my blog.

  4. DomeSYN said

    I thought it was cool concept. But wasnt too sure if it were contracted work. yeah that would be ridiculous.

  5. Troy, you have some serious creative talent! I love the tape player!!!

  6. Of all the things you’ve posted over the last couple of months I’d have to say these are my favorite. I think it’s funny, and find this with my own work, that sometimes your best work is for the smaller fish.

  7. shanesart said

    Dang Troy, these are some pretty nice comps. I’d love to see them fully developed. The bandana one is cool but I really dig the visual effect of the first board that has the black on grey. The black has a UV coated look to it.

    Nice work – S

  8. Brian said

    The Boombox is the shit!

  9. DomeSYN said

    Yea boom dox is dope for sure.

  10. Chadlonius said

    The blue board is my fave. Excellent work.

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