New Style

November 20, 2007

I have been playing around with a new style more a photo real abstract thing. I have had a client this year that has made me really push myself. I am still illustrating when I need to – actually did another winged skull last night.. I just have found that creating more of an organic collage of stuff is a lot of fun. That and breaking free of a structure and using a shirt as more or less a canvas, using more of a mixed media of photos, hand illustrations, clip art, and clean vector to make a piece.

6 Responses to “New Style”

  1. Aaron said

    Nice work T$ Love the Maui&Sons design flows beautifully, The tiger designs nice, The split design kinda looks familiar:-) Great work! I’ll holla!

  2. The tiger design rocks!

  3. Brian said

    Those look good, nice to see fresh ideas. Skulls are cool and all but too many people doing the same thing with them lately, and i’m just as guilty.

  4. Matt Q said

    really cool man! what’s the wolf design for?

  5. It sure look very good to me! Nice work

  6. Good stuff troy! It’s cool seeing that you’re exploring other styles. I’m more a photo illustration/collage kind of guy since I can’t really draw hehe. It’s good to explore the shirt as a canvas too. That makes the design less symmetrical and more dynamic.

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