More Boats

November 21, 2007

I just got some photos of a boat I did for my friend Josh over at FuseBox… It is pretty cool to get to see life sized graphics. Still waiting for my free boat.. Haha just kidding.. these boats are worth more than I make…


16 Responses to “More Boats”

  1. Wow that has to be the most killer boat I have ever seen, I want it!

  2. Damn! That’s just friggin awesome! The skulls and camo are a wicked combination. This thing would make one mean ass gun boat!

  3. Philly B said

    Unreal man, I love it! I need to call Mastercraft and put in an order for one of these bro!

  4. Tryve said


    That is RAD man, such a sick job to do! You must be stoked with the result! Imagine it in the water cruising past, mean looking boat!

  5. snickars said

    why don’t they hook you up with a miniature version with the same print on it, so you can have it in the bath tub! đŸ˜€

  6. Snickars-
    That would be so cool..

  7. Aaron said


  8. shanesart said

    Nice work Bro! Sick ass layout. – S

  9. jimiyo said

    you badass mother!

  10. Congrats, the design is sick

  11. hydro74 said

    Oh! My god that is so kick ass!

  12. manifester said

    you must feel like a lucky child in a candystore

  13. Erock said

    Thats the skull chariot for wakeboarding!!!! Fo sho! looks good. You need to post your revisions on your shift helmets! I can’t wait to see what you and josh came up with.

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