Busy Holiday Season

December 23, 2007

Finally winding down from a incredible year.. I have so much work that I would love to post.. Here is just a sample of some of the work I have been doing.. I am still illustrating when I have the chance.. I have just been trying to attack all visual problems with what is the best solution and lately it hasn’t been a lot of clean vector illustrations. I have been doing more with pen and paper, scans, and photos. Wait- you will see.


A Fallen Christmas

December 18, 2007

My first Christmas present! Last night right when I was headed out the door- FedEx dropped a package at my door. So instead of waiting to open it on Christmas I tore through the paper to find these bad boys. A big thanks to Josh Sirlin over at Fusebox. Look forward to working with him on many things this next year.


December 6, 2007

I have posted about patterns before..
Camos to Hawaiian. I have still been making them. I just did some for my last few projects with Analog, Split and Enjoy.. The more time I spend with these the more fun I have with them.


December 4, 2007

So stoked! I have a few things with Split this season and had helped out on a few things last season.. Now it’s some girl time.. I love doing women’s designs. Girls will wear anything- they don’t have the same hang ups as guys with worries about masculinity ect. so it’s no holds barred. So keep an eye out.