January 10, 2008

WOw! I was just told they had these posted.. I did these more than a year ago for Emerica.. Thought they came out pretty cool.. Stoked they made it to on the site. Its so exciting seeing my stuff printed or on the net. Check it out
Looking forward to future oportunities with Sole Tech.

5 Responses to “EMERICA”

  1. shanesart said

    Nice Bro, diggin’ on the old school vintage. Reminds me of the days back in high school. – S

  2. superzero21 said

    Neat old school vintage style!!

  3. erock415 said

    Very bad ass Troy!!! Those look sick…especially on the jersey T.

  4. manifester said

    Last year I mocked up a few shirts for those guys…and I don’t know what happend!.

  5. finally i got my hands on a twhite piece! found the top one on sale but on an all black tee, it’s not often that i find tees with your designs here in sweden.

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