Another one? What!

January 14, 2008

And yet another one.. I ran across this RipCurl tee.. One that I did for Josh awhile back. Earlier I found this Ezekiel. Why do they have to name it Hydro? does Twhite sound that lame? Haha


9 Responses to “Another one? What!”

  1. ryanholt said

    Aint nothin wrong with Twhite I am all about the initial and last name combo.
    oh and sick shirt keep up the outstanding work.

  2. MQ said

    Nice one Troy! And the ezekial shirt is rad too.

  3. Nice man! You’re tearin’ it up!

  4. Disliker said

    this will probably come off dickish..but…josh has put his stamp on this sort of design and to be honest, you guys are VERY hard to distinguish. and since josh is the de facto style master of this brand of ASI graphics, well…i can see why they think you guys are the same.

  5. Disliker-
    Ha thats great.. I was just kidding.. When I work on graphics for the firm Hydro its to be expected..I really don’t care. I just thought it was funny..
    We both have a few shirts on the sites and instead of naming one of the dope ones that he did Hydro they have chosen mine. As far as him being the de facto of this style. It is true he stands out more than most in the industry but – we all get our inspiration from what is around us.

  6. shanesart said

    I like the “Sugar Skull'” look. Your name or not, I know you’ve gotta dig seeing you work posted and for sale on all these sites. Hopefully someday I’ll know how that feels. Until then! – S

  7. Brian said

    De Facto Style Master,
    I think I’ll change my name to that, it rolls off the tounge.
    De Facto

  8. manifester said

    yeah man, the first time I visited your webpage I thought it was some “hydro side project”.
    Anyway, really..I admire your work.


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