January 27, 2008

I was just sent some pictures of Steel Laferty’s nike 6.0 boat that I put together with FUSE BOX. When Josh came to me with this project I had no idea how we where going to incorporate all the imagery he wanted on his boat.. In the end I think it came out pretty good.


7 Responses to “NIKE 6.0 – FUSE BOX”

  1. The boat looks incredible! I bet it looks even better on the water. Great job guys.

  2. MQ said

    freaking dope troy. love that eel!

  3. snickars said

    That looks so raw! the eel really pops out going up the windhsield. inspiring as always!

  4. That is a lot of different imagery. It came together pretty good though. The color scheme is the best part and I really like the Nike type treatment toward the rear on the passenger side.
    Great job.

  5. Thanks- Although I cant take credit for the colors. Nike 6.0 has a set color pallet every season. The one on the passangers rear is one from the branding package given to me for the season too.. Most of the imagery and other type- like the large Nike and MasterCraft are mine. Along with the layout.

  6. shanesart said

    That’s sick Bro! I bet when it’s afloat the eel looks like it’s jumpin’ straight out of the water. Also great color scheme. Way to represent – S

  7. KENEDIK said

    This is rad dood! Nice work!

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