February 25, 2008

I spent a few hours gathering logos over the weekend for Los Logos 4. (my samples above)

I have purchased every Los Logos book I could get my hands on in the past few years. They are an extensive collection of contemporary logos and brands and this next release I was asked to participate. It probably wont be published for awhile so I will let you know when I hear more. If you have’nt already checked out the past ones you should.You can pick them up at YWFT  

7 Responses to “LOSLOGOS 4”

  1. Chris said

    excellent… i have the first 2. Hopefully once I get my site and work up they’ll ask me one day. haha… looking forward to it! congrats!

  2. chad said

    hey man, looking great. i have been trying to contact the Gestalten Verlag guys about getting some stuff in their books…how did you contact them, or do they just have to approach you about getting some logos in there? Thanks alot.

  3. shanesart said

    That’s awesome! Your work definitely deserves to be in those books. I have #3 and plan on getting the rest here shortly. Respect! – S

  4. You definitely deserved it Bro!!
    Salute ur work.

  5. buen concepto ,para la realizacion de los logos

  6. jaime said

    very nice work , congratulations

    707 pty design and multimedia

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