February 26, 2008

e0691_07.gif   .

Psyched out and boggling op art shapes made with slight distortion and noise. These psychedelic shapes are great for creating a wacky and tripped out design. Set contains 25 royalty free icons. 

 I just finished putting this together a few weeks ago. I think its pretty nice set- very ambiguous so that it can be part of your work and not stand out as something I created. You can pick up this or any of my sets on YWFT 

3 Responses to “YWFT OP 06”

  1. jimiyo said

    yeah, i think this is one of your best sets. its very eclectic mix too. very worth the price.

    they seem to be doing more marketing which is nice. i gave them some leftover freebies to use as promotional bait in their blogs/newsletters. hope that works for all of us.

  2. Kyle Graham said

    im getting a tattoo in memory of my mom, and i was just wondering if i could use that cross (the twhite cross) and wrap a black ribbon(symbolizes skin cancer)around it…
    i just wanted to ask permission from the artist first
    btw….its an awesome graphic
    if u dont know what cross im talking about, i can email the pic to you just add me!
    thanks alot!!

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