Empty Magazine with Twhite VS 57 Even

February 27, 2008

empty-mag.jpg I was browsing the net when I ran across this Empty Magazine image of the work I did with 57 Even more than 6 months ago. (The image to the far right.) Empty is a magazine published by Design is Kinky out of Australia. We made 50 of these posters in total signed by both of us. They are 18″ x 24″ 2 color prints.  I have a few left- selling for $30 + shipping. Let me know if you want one.   

4 Responses to “Empty Magazine with Twhite VS 57 Even”

  1. magnus said

    i liked that poster a lot, really sweet colab. any more colabs in the near future?

  2. Things have been crazy – Although Josh with Hydro74 and I have talked about doing something together so we will see. I know I will be doing something with Chuck over at Iron Forge.

  3. Chris said

    got one in my office.

    i need to do some posters myself.

  4. Aaron said

    would you be willing to give away the secret where you get your prints done??

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