Target VS Twhite

March 23, 2008


Walking through Target a few days ago I ran across some of my designs and shirts using most of my vector I sell on YWFT  in the young mens department. I interviewed with  them more than 2 years ago for Mossimo.  I was just getting my freelance going and it didn’t end up working out for me. Part of the interview process they wanted me to pitch them a few tees and board short concepts. At that time they where still really into that heraldry weathered look and I was really into that whole electro 80s thing that I don’t think was well received by them. Since then though I have worked with 2 outside companies doing freelance for Target and the young mens department with the whole 80s feel. Funny how things happen. 


Quik Type

March 19, 2008

quikstickers.jpgWhile I was shopping for my brother’s son, I ran across a few Quiksilver things I did. Stoked that my type was used for some stickers. I just recently started a few more things with Quik through HYDRO.. The new stuff is going to be killer.  

More Element

March 11, 2008

4773255_01.jpeg4773305_01.jpeg4773107_01.jpeg4714465_01.jpeg Crazy huh.. I just did these a few months ago and you can already get em..  at Pac Sun


March 7, 2008

audio1.jpgaudio2.jpgauidio3.jpg  I put this set together awhile back.. YWFT has gone in a new direction with what they are wanting as far as vector art. Personally I am not looking to have an elaborate or overly illustrative set of images that look like the designer that created them. I am looking for a time saver. So yes these are just thresh held images in vector. I didn’t create the images, I just compiled them and prepped them to be used in your design work.. Hit me up with an email -or make a deposit of $20.oo into my paypal account ( and I will send you a link within 24 hours to download these 25 ready to use vector images. 


March 1, 2008

seshn.pngIf you haven’t checked out Seshn by now you should… Sehn is a way to stay in touch with what is going on in the action sports industry. They have just got the site going and already have some big boys backing it. If you have a chance check it out they cover Skate, Surf, Snow, FIlm, Art, Photo, Music. Its a pretty kick ass site that will be incredible to watch grow..  So Check it out here.