Target VS Twhite

March 23, 2008


Walking through Target a few days ago I ran across some of my designs and shirts using most of my vector I sell on YWFT  in the young mens department. I interviewed with  them more than 2 years ago for Mossimo.  I was just getting my freelance going and it didn’t end up working out for me. Part of the interview process they wanted me to pitch them a few tees and board short concepts. At that time they where still really into that heraldry weathered look and I was really into that whole electro 80s thing that I don’t think was well received by them. Since then though I have worked with 2 outside companies doing freelance for Target and the young mens department with the whole 80s feel. Funny how things happen. 


7 Responses to “Target VS Twhite”

  1. Chris said

    dude that is a trip. i was just there yesterday and saw that stuff, i was suprised at the quality. who knew! hahaha … i thought target had been stepping up there game lately.

  2. MQ said

    right on man!

  3. Evan said

    That’s funny! I have the pleasure (or perhaps displeasure) of going to Target about once a week and I’ve seen both of these tees a number of times.

    I actually considered buying the one on the right, but something about purchasing “punk rock” from a department store didn’t feel right to me. I really like the design though. You do great work!

  4. jimiyo said

    word. word. its crazy how the trends are changing. i guess i got tired of the heraldry thing pretty quick once i figured out it was mostly dover and similar.

    i wonder after the electro 80’s what the trend will be.

    im still waiting for people to come around to my interest of drawing goats and cock and balls. one day… if i keep drawing them… i tell you, some big retail chain is gonna pick it up and pimp cock and balls as a new trend and ill be rich!

    looks like you are doing good. word!

  5. Yeah, the whole 80’s electro thing is incredibly popular right now. I have a client who does dirty electro music and he wants an 80’s style CD cover with an 80’s font. This should be fun… I’m looking forward to doing something a little different for a change.

  6. track 6 said

    saw some dude wearing this shirt at a bar in LA today. I snapped a pic on my iPhone. Thought that was kinda rad.

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