April 4, 2008

newweb.png I have been trying to put together a new website for weeks now. Brian Gonzales from Pairodime Design is being so patient with me. Its tough going through work deciding what to show and what is too early to show. My old site I feel is so super lame now and the work is not close to anything I have been doing lately. Element has been one of my biggest clients since the new year and I have nothing posted. I have had so many pieces picked up by Dragon where I totally pushed my design capabilities building out patterns for goggles and typography that was used in trim for hats ect. I have more than a dozen pieces lately with them that I would love to show but – I have to wait a month or so until at least the catalogues are distributed to the buyers.

 Quiksilver is another company I would love to show. I pushed Hydro into contacting them for work when I noticed my type was popping up on stickers and my local store had 4 or more of my designs from the previous season. With the success of the first go around with them I knew I would stand a good shot of exceeding  their expectations the second time around. They have picked up more than 7 pieces, one of which is typography that they plan to use throughout the line and I am still waiting to hear back on a bunch more. 

With all that said I am trying my best to put together some work that I am proud of until I can post everything I have been doing these last 6 months. I am sure by then I will be tired of that stuff and want to post my latest work 6 months from now..  My best piece is always the one I just finished. Hahahahaha 


2 Responses to “AAAAGh MY NEW WEB”

  1. Ashmith said

    absolutely amazing website !!

  2. shanesart said

    Can’t wait to see it. I’m doing the same thing with my site. It’s been over 2 years with the same look. Definitely time for a change! – S

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