April 29, 2008

I stopped through Arizona last weekend and my mom got out the few pictures she had of us growing up. We used to hangout at Sidewalk Surfer just about everyday. This last weekend was a trip down memory lane. My brother and his family went into Sidewalk Surfer to get both of his kids shoes. His 6 year old got a pair of DC’s and His 4 year old girl picked out her first pair of pink checkered Vans. It was pretty awesome walking into see Tim the same guy that sold my parent my first pair of Vans at 4 years old.  Anyways here is a pict of me when I was 6.. I think this is why I love what I do today. 

4 Responses to “1982”

  1. brian said

    Good shit, I have some old flicks like that as well, but from middle school days.
    The first time I went to AZ., I went to a Sidewalk Surfer, it was in Scottsdale or Camelback, forgot where. Anyways, I picked up a fresh Skate Rags jacket, it was all tye dyed and shit. I wish I still had it today.

  2. Aaron said

    You just made me homesick! Purchased many a pair of Vans from SWS!

  3. Bryan said

    Crazy Troy, seems like just yesterday we were building that ramp with Dad… good times man. By the way, the kids are still talking about going to get their shows. Guess there is some magic in that old skate shop we grew up going to, cool to see my own kids getting into it.

  4. JOSHUA said

    knee pads… seriously, that is so 1982… what is that, a Nash board even… 🙂 Just think, if you stuck with it, you probably would still be designing.

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