Present to Myself

May 15, 2008

I was browsing the net a few weeks ago when I saw this Hosoi X Barracuda board being sold. I had to wait until the release last friday. I somehow knew I would space it so I stuck a big yellow sticky to my desktop weeks ago just to remind me. Well – I finally got it! and it is amazing. Perfect timing too!! as I just embarked on a project for Jimmy’Z – not the crap one sold in the US. I am working for the original Jim Ganzer. The one who had Hosoi, Laird Hamilton, Natas and everyone else that was great back then.
If you want the goods check out Barracuda! 

Oh- yeah the board is 1 of the 50 made and signed.


3 Responses to “Present to Myself”

  1. Congrads, the board is sick!

  2. Dude, that is FRICKING SICK. I want one.

  3. My wife would never let me spend that much on a deck…

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