Still Vector Illustrating

June 13, 2008

I don’t do full on vector illustrations that often anymore. I have kinda gotten more into collage and typography. I can still bust out if I have to for a project – but lately I have been into attacking visual problems with different solutions. The market has been changing faster and faster so I am trying to explore as many ways as possible to flush out an idea- so if that means going in and vectoring out a skull I will do it but- if that means I can take a drawing of a skull throw on some illustrated sunglasses add a hat from a photo I took in the office add some bright colors and a half toned cheetah head for an eyeball I am all over it. The chance to try something new.


7 Responses to “Still Vector Illustrating”

  1. Matt Q said

    i want all three. i don’t care if they’re on thongs, I’ll sport that shit. Super rad illustration from what I can see Troy! Killin’ it as usual man.

  2. margarak said

    WTG. Very cool!

  3. nice Troy you and hydro are the shit but inspiration. i recently did a piece that looks kinda like your middle one and someone called me out on it today weird?

  4. james widener said

    wow that comment sounded retarded meh i had a headache, you are Badass dude love your works, hopefully ill get to work with ya someday Before i move out of the FL

  5. superzero21 said

    OMG, can’t wait to see the print out work! Nice work bro


  7. See, I’m moving in the opposite direction. I’m a late-comer to heavy duty vector illustration so I’m trying to add it in as more of a skill set now.


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