July 17, 2008

I was shopping the net when I ran across these Dragon shirts. I worked on a few Dragon projects through Joshua Smith in the past. I just never ran across anything. Even the catalog I got a PDF of had my work practically on every page and I still never saw the stuff arrive in any retail store. So – I found these and there is still a lot more out and on its way so keep your eyes pealed.


I lied.. I was going to have the news section on my site replace my blog.. I think I am going to keep both.. This one is more for fun. Anyways- I just started some new projects with some very cool companies and people. I have had the chance to team up with Danny Jones at YASLY.com to bust out on some of these projects. Thanks to his help I think we gave the client exactly what they where looking for.

This is the last post on my wordpress. Check out my new home. TWHITEDESIGN