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11 Responses to “About”

  1. T White Design,

    Just came across your posting of our trapset work, thanks for the good words, you have some mighty good work on here. Where are you located, I saw you moved away from Seattle? I was previously in West Seattle also, now in Santa Barbara, CA. Hit me back, thanks again for the good words on your site, Aaron Carlsson.

  2. tony Sancchez said

    Hello Twhitedesign,

    My name is Tony Sanchez. I am the Director of Merchandise – clothing at Fox Racing. I am looking to add in house staff members to our graphic department. Would like to know if you are interested in a position with us. We are located in Newport Beach CA with our corporate offices in Morgan Hill , CA.

    Please let me know if this interest you and we could pursue with an interview.

    Thanks for your time. Tony

  3. Tim Kapanicas said

    Troy, your stuff is really good and I like the fact that you have such a appreciation for early surf wear.


  4. Mitch said

    Twhite i love your work, keep it up, i was also wondering if you would be ok with me getting one of your designs tattooed on myself ofcourse it wouldnt be the exact same piece but if i could use the bulk of it i would be much appreciative, i dont intend on claiming the work as mine own or anything like that i just love your pieces involving crosses, thre far better then i could muster up myself and wld like to use one.
    Let us know?

  5. Peter said

    dude.. all i can think of is AWESOME!!..
    just wanted to ask, how did you start designing? i want to start, but there are so many options out dere.. just needing some direction.. but none the less.. this aint bout me.. this is about your designs and its wicked!.. keep it up!

  6. Josh said


    Your work is amazing! The designs and the work you put into them really show. I was wondering maybe if you did small contract business for companies on the up come. I would really love to use some of your designs on tshirts for my company and I have some really fun ideas in my head. Let me know either way. Again.. great work buddy. Its really refreshing to see someone with as much talent as you and Josh have.


  7. wally said

    g’day mate if u ever read this could u tell me how to get the full design of the skull with the indian head wear ?….because i want to get it tattoo on me lol and will pay for the design and that if its posable !?

  8. Joan said

    Troy! I´m looking at your website for the 10th time now and I love your creativity, It RocKs!I know you get this question a lot but is it possible to get a tattoo design from you. I´m just a small little surf girl searching for a nice tattoo to put on my side. max 15 cent. high and offcourse in surf style (flowers, butterflies etc.)Hope you can help me out!!Or maybe you know where I can find cool designs (believe me it´s hard!)You can aply by email!
    Joan (hollanda)

  9. fahmy said

    could you design a tee for us.
    for Soilwork show here.
    thanks !

  10. Marcelo said

    I´m work whith a surf wear brand in Brazil doing draws but i´m starting and your work is very very cool the typographics, traces… everything is amazing!!! do you can say me what the software do you use, because i have inspiration but any sofwares dont have cool tools for use my all imagination. Thanks!

  11. Kerma said

    Hi. I wanted to find out about using the “travel Vector” design from July 13, 2007 for a little summer camp in central Illinois. It is great for the theme we have chosen for 2009. All of your work is amazing.

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